New physical therapy trend could help relieve your achy bunion

By using exercise balls, Yamuna can help alleviate stiffness in achy joints like bunions.

The latest physical therapy trend to come out of New York City – called Yamuna – may help you reduce your risk of bunions.

Because many office professionals spend hours behind a desk, then punish their feet during sessions of running on a treadmill or elliptical, feet are bound to get some sort of pain or inflammation. To help curb these types of conditions, Yamuna is taking off worldwide, and could spell good news for your achy, sore flat feet.

The idea is to roll the length of your body on exercise balls while dropping your own weight at various points of the body to strengthen certain bones and muscles, according to the London Evening Standard. In fact, one of the techniques explained in the article showed how to strengthen the arches of the foot by simply rolling them on small domes. One of the instructors, Leila Sadaghee, admitted that osteopaths have even complimented her on her healthy, bunion-free feet.

Other exercises in this new trend also loosen up joints in the shoulders and back – common areas of tightness for people who spend hours at their desk.

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