Exercise can help with bunion correction

You may cringe at the thought of a jog around the block when you are suffering from bunion pain.

However, there are many reasons why your feet will thank you for toughing it out and breaking a sweat. Besides the fact that exercise improves your sense of well-being, it is vital for helping you maintain bone strength and strengthening the muscles around your joints.

Lack of exercise weakens your muscles and creates tension on the joints that leads to several foot discomforts, including arthritis and fractures, and it can exacerbate a hammertoe. Feeling and looking your best is always important, but weight gain is also a contributing factor to many foot problems. The more weight you put on your feet, the more stress is placed on the metatarsal bone. Shedding those pounds can help in alleviating that.

That being said, certain exercises are not suitable for foot ailments. According to the Mayo Clinic, range of motion exercises like rolling your ankles are helpful in keeping joints strong. If your bunion pain is severe, doctors recommend gentle forms of exercise like yoga or tai chi.

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