There are rules to wearing flip flops

It's summertime and people have been breaking out their flip flops to show their bunions the light of day, much to the detriment of the general public who has to view them, as well as the wearer's foot heath.

The flimsy footwear has been shunned by podiatrists because of its lack of arch support and the way it alters landing mechanics. However, flip flops remain a warm weather staple, so people who just can't let go of their thong sandals should keep a few tips in mind.

First, look for a pair that's relatively sturdy and provides some support for the arches. Additionally, straps should be thick enough that the toes don't have to grasp the bottom. This can be tested by taking a quick walk in the sandals.

Flip flops that have been worn for over a year, as well as those that rub or cause blisters, should be tossed out, as they're likely harboring bacteria and have lost any minimal amount of cushioning they once provided.

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