“Easy-bake” shoes may be ideal for bikers with bunions


It's nearly summertime, which means that people are dusting off their bikes and making resolutions to use their two non-motorized wheels more often. However, cyclists with bunions, fallen arches and other foot conditions may find that biking is a real pain in the feet.

Wired magazine recently reported on a brand of "easy-bake" bike shoes from Shimano called the R315 road shoes, which are heated in an oven before being molded to an individual's foot for optimal fit.

Writer Nathan Hurst detailed in the tech magazine his experience getting fitted for a pair of the bike shoes.

"After the shoes had cooled, there were visible changes. The insoles and heat-moldable sections of the uppers had dents and bulges where they had formed to my foot, and the heel cups pinched more tightly around my Achilles tendons," Hurst wrote in Wired.

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons recommends a roomy toe box and good arch support for individuals with bunions. However, with the new process, cyclists may be able to spend less time shopping for shoes and more time on the road.

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